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The 4 Game Changers Of Online Marketing – Part 2 of 4

Posted on: February 26, 2015 by in Uncategorized
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“Big Game Changer1 was a big game changer, wasn’t it? Well, it gets even bigger because businesses have reviews. They have to have reviews to compete online. Why? Because reviews are part of every online marketing.  A company with a 5 star ratings screams ‘You can do business with me. I can be trusted.’ On the other hand, a company with only 3.5 stars is screaming, ‘Well, you might not be able to trust me.’ So the new online currency of all businesses isn’t a great website. It’s not SEO, it’s trust. And the way we build trust is with online reviews and you leveraging the power of reputation marketing.”
“You can also see it in social media. Most people don’t know that Facebook is now the number two mobile app for searching for businesses online. Go do a search for “dentist in Dallas” and you can see what comes up in Facebook, the company name and reviews; company name and reputation; company name and reputation; company name and reputation. It’s all over social media. As well as local directories, if you were to type in your company name you’ll notice the first page wasn’t littered with a whole bunch of other stuff. The main type of website that’s on the front regarding your company was Google+ and all the local directories like Yelp and Yellow Pages and great social media directories like Facebook.  Also, SEO rankings, reviews play a major role in SEO rankings and you can even use and leverage reviews and pay per click advertising. So you can see the big game changer is businesses must have reviews to compete online.”