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The 4 Game Changers Of Online Marketing – Part 1 of 4

Posted on: February 23, 2015 by in Uncategorized
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Game Changer 1

Game Changer 1; 80 million Google+ pages merge with each company’s website and reveals the company’s reputation to their customers.  Believe it or not, you can search for any company name and plus the city and it reveals their reputation.  So you can see on the screen here Gentle Dental Jefferson Ave.  If I go to Google and just type in Gentle Dental Jefferson Ave, you can see the first line is always the company website.  Then these next two lines are a little bit about that company and the third line is look, their reputation right there.  They have a 2.5 star reputation.  You can see that Google has allowed their pages indexed and merged with every single website.”

“As a matter of fact, let’s go right now and let’s take a look at your company name and city and see what people are finding out right now about you when they search.  At this point in time, I will open up a browser and I would actually Google the company name and the city and see what comes up.”  And you can show them, “Look, you’ve got no reviews or you’ve got some reviews.”  Now this is important before you do this, you’ve already done this before the presentation actually starts.  Very critical.  Don’t ever do anything live in a training and any type of presentation without you already doing it ahead of time.  Once I share with them what everybody else is seeing, it’s important for them to see themselves in the process. Everything that I talk about right now, I’m trying to get them to see themselves in it.  I’m not just talking to them, they’re seeing themselves in it.  So by going to Google, again typing in their company name plus the city.  If you want, you can even add reviews to that with the company name plus the city typically shows the company name merged with the reputation.  Here’s what I say next.

“So you can see that you along with 80 million companies are naked before the whole world with your reputation.”